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Created by a team with deep experience, our unique approach identifies and implements targeted investments in the human side of organizations. Our work focuses on people, delivering results that create and sustain strategic success.
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How change saturated is your enterprise?

Introducing PeopleFirm’s Change Heat Map, a revolutionary tool that allows you to visualize, manage, and plan for projects, change, and impacts across your organization. Watch a one-minute overview to see how it works.

Watch a one-minute overview.

Rethinking Performance Management in the Age of Customization

Unhappy with the results you get from performance reviews?   Think there's a better way?  Read our recent article on bringing performance management into the 21st century.

Read the article.

Are you a Change Capable organization?

Take our Change Capable Diagnostic™ to understand where your company is today and how you can move towards a Change Capable Organization.

Experience our Enterprise Change Heat Map Tool and understand the benefits your organization can achieve by managing change at the Enterprise-level.

Click here to try our Change Diagnostic Tool.