What We Remember

Maya Angelou famously said: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”


This is as true in business as anywhere else in life. We started PeopleFirm with a small team of smart and dedicated people who shared a desire to focus exclusively on “people stuff” while holding the values to “leave every client interaction better than we found it”.   We have earnestly pursued this aim for 10 years now, and I dare say, been successful in doing so.  Our partners and clients continue to provide positive feedback expressing that beyond the value delivered by projects, their time working with us is enjoyable and positive.  I hope this is true for everyone connected with us.


My 10 years in the PeopleFirm Tribe have also proven Maya Angelou’s claim to be true. For me, it is the most important thing about PeopleFirm’s first 10 years.  Starting with Tamra and Alan’s leadership to across the tribe of beloved peers and colleagues, we truly have a group of people that cares about each other.  In short, the tribe makes me feel good!


There’s a lot of focus these days on the employee experience, and the “moments of truth” that shape it.  It’s the importance of those “moments of truth” that show the true culture and value of an organization and its people.  The cumulative impact of how you feel during those moments of truth defines how you contribute to your organization, and ultimately shapes how long you chose to stay in it.  For me, while there have been plenty of great memories in the first 10 years, it’s a moment of truth in a difficult time that stands out clearly.  At a time when I needed support the most, Tamra and the Tribe were there for me.  I feel very lucky to be part of a company that really puts its people first, and believes that our lives outside work really do matter.


In the future, I expect we will forget what we were doing around the time of our 10-year anniversary, and probably forget what was said in the 10-year anniversary toasts, but I hope we’ll remember how it felt to be a part of PeopleFirm.  And so tomorrow on Friday May 5th, our 10th anniversary, I’ll be channeling James Brown.  I won’t be shimmying a mashed potato, or doing the splits, but I will have a smile on my face as “I feel good”.


Marcus Scott (striped shirt) has been with PeopleFirm for 10 years, and is still feelin’ good, especially when he’s surrounded by his Tribe!