Tamra’s Insights: May 2019 (PeopleFirm’s 11th birthday!)

I started PeopleFirm in May of 2008 with a small group of brave souls. We knew we had an idea worth pursuing, and with the economy crashing around us, we bravely set forth to create a new kind of consulting company. We celebrate our 11th anniversary this week, and I find myself pondering the roots that have made us strong and the amazing growth we’ve experienced, both organizationally and personally.


From our first days we operated under the mantra Your People = Your Success, a belief that is stronger than ever today. We charted a course to support our clients through both strategy and implementation, and years of working arm-in-arm with our clients has further proven that winning combination. We set out to be thought leaders, and while we have our second book on the way, it’s the work we do each day that reveals the soundness, the art and science, of our thinking.


Sure, I am immensely proud and I will confess that I find it’s hard not to brag about what we’ve accomplished (especially given the recent Forbes ratings), yet more than anything, I am grateful. Grateful for those who had the courage to go on this crazy ride with me; grateful for the amazing team that continues to build PeopleFirm fans; and grateful for what I’ve learned from my clients and my team in these 11 years. And yes, in reflection, this experience has changed me from that overly optimistic first-time entrepreneur of 11 years ago, but I’d like to think that those changes have been for the better. My learning has been exponential, and yet I realize I have so much more to learn. I’m wiser, yet I continue to make mistakes and stumble. I’m more confident, but I look for time to laugh every day, most often at myself. And finally, I am more intensely passionate than ever about creating inspiring workplaces that yield inspiring performance. In short, creating better experiences for all of us who show up to do our best and prove out what I know to be true: Your People = Your Success.


This leads me to welcoming you to my new format for sharing a bit of what I’m learning, what’s inspiring me, and the insights I’ve gleaned. I hope you stay tuned so together we can plant a few more seeds that help us realize the potential in ourselves and the people around us.