We help you partner with your people to build an organization that excels in today’s new world of work.

PeopleFirm is a strategy and execution consulting firm.

We’ve distilled academic research, industry best practices, and our own in-the-trenches experience into the DNA of high performance: Strategy, culture, structure, people, and work. Combined with leadership and change management, these areas yield amazing results.

How we’re different

A single focus

The PeopleFirm team develops talent and people strategies, drives organizational performance, and implements sustainable change. We’re HR consultants and people experts. That’s all. So our entire organization is focused on one thing: your employees.

An engaging approach

We design our projects to engage our clients and, when we can, get them out of their seats.

Whether in the executive suite or on the shop floor, we build understanding and ensure buy-in and employee engagement.

Real world solutions

In a field rich with research and poor in execution, PeopleFirm translates leading research and academic thinking on workforce issues, human resource best practices, and business transformation, into actionable business solutions.

Results focused

We don’t waste time generating large binders that only clutter our clients’ shelves. We believe in accountability and measuring project impact and outcomes. That’s what makes us a trusted business adviser to so many.

Effective tools and techniques

We employ the right balance of tools and techniques at the right time. The tools we choose may be cutting edge, like our ChangeAnalytics™ platform or our Performance Management Sketchbook™, or they may be as simple as sticky dots and colored Post-its. Our goal is to keep it simple, make it effective, and have a little fun along the way.

Nice (and smart) people

Most of our people have worked in traditional consulting firms where talent exists but is too often commoditized. We seek out the best and brightest and create an environment that lets their talent potential thrive. It’s one of the things that gets us voted a Best Place to Work time and time again.


Connecting the hearts and minds of all employees and aligning leaders to your priorities.

Our services


  • Strategy Realization
  • People Strategy
  • People Insights


Supporting an employee experience that drives and sustains top performance

Our services


  • Culture Evolution


Designing a model that’s focused on results with clear roles, responsibilities, and accountabilities.

Our services


  • Org Design


Creating great jobs that fuel your business strategy and your employee promise.

Our services


  • Strategic HR
  • Talent Process Design
  • Performance Management Reboot


Structuring processes and practices so you can get work done.

Our services


  • Productivity and Collaboration


Preparing leaders to support the strategy, drive performance and create a healthy and thriving workplace.

Our services


  • Change Management


Building change resilience and agility for the pace of business today.

Our services


  • Leader Capability
  • Team Capability
  • Executive coaching



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