Happy Birthday, PMReboot!

Join us in celebrating two years of learning and success – as part of that celebration we’re offering you these gifts:
Two years ago, my book How Performance Management Is Killing Performance and What to Do about it hit the bookshelves. For many this might have looked like the beginning of something, for me it was a very important milestone in a journey that started years earlier and will continue for years to come. ​​​​​​​
The two-year anniversary of the book’s release has prompted me to reflect on the amazing learnings and experiences that have resulted from it. I’ve had the opportunity to speak in venues as varied as a small farm town in New Jersey to global conferences in places like Amsterdam, New Orleans, and Las Vegas. I’ve connected with audiences in Healthcare, Asset Management, High Tech, NGOs, and more. I’ve found kindred spirits across the globe, from Seattle to Japan to Africa. I’ve received hundreds of unsolicited notes of appreciation from people sharing their journeys or simply declaring their love for the ideas in the book.
Through these experiences, the tribe and I have collected data and perspectives from around the world that have reinforced the ideas and concepts inherent in The PM Reboot™, while also introducing us to new learnings. Here are some of our most interesting insights:
1.    Despite all the chatter and hype, 72% of organizations are still reporting the need to Reboot their approach to Performance Management.
2.    We’ve collected data from clients across the world through our PM Sketchbook and have learned that the most universally desired design principle for a modern Performance Management solution is Trust and Transparency.
3.    Rebooting Performance Management is a journey, not an event. It takes courage to make it happen, and it takes time to create and implement a full solution that empowers your employees and creates a culture of trusted feedback.
I hope you can join my webinar next month! In the meantime, please check-out the addition links provided via our infographic. And finally, don’t forget to share your experiences, ideas, and more – I’d love to hear from you.
Happy Rebooting!