three-minute postcard: Toto, we’re not in a high-growth economy anymore: building a high performing organization in today’s world of work.

We’ve survived the recession. But how do you build a high performing organization in the world that’s emerged?

To help you build a high performing organization in this new environment, we’re going to take an up-close look at each aspect that drives high performance – strategy, culture, structure, people, and work. But before we start, let’s think a little more about this new world of ours…

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The world has changed. Wondering in what way? Well… a few ways, actually:
  1. Toto, we’re not in a high-growth economy anymore: Once upon a time you could expect splashy growth and fat returns, if you ran your business well. No longer.
  2. t’s a VUCA world: Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity: Which pretty much means, ‘Hey, it’s crazy out there!’
  3. The workplace is a demographic melting pot: Boomers, and their Boomer expectations (and desire to retire… or not). Millennials, and their Millennial expectations. Workforces spread across the globe. Different expectations, anyone?
  4. Eight hours a day at a desk? What’s that?: Coffee shop workstations, portable devices, and 24/7 connectivity. Welcome to the new office. How do you support all that?

Want to know how to build a high performing organization in this new world? Read the whole story here.



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