Our People = Our Success.

Each day we’re inspired by our great team, our client partnerships, and the opportunities before us. When we say our people are our success, we really mean it. 80% of our consultants have more than a decade of experience. That’s huge.


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M. Tamra Chandler
Alan Borgida
Abby Coppock
Adam Beverly-Marchant
Alexis Ferriby
Anita Maasen
Bethany Jensen
Do what we love and love what we do.
Bill Harrison
Bill Hefferman
Brenda Hay
Brian Clewes
Brooke IllaHuston
Carla Balen
Think straight, talk straight, act with integrity.
Caroline Reilly
Chris Apostolou
Colleen Hunter
Corinne Dillon
David Snavely
Dawn Loeliger
Leave each client interaction better than when we came to it.
Dennis Ahrens
Donald Van Dyke
Emily Peter
Gina Napoli
Gloria Shinn
Jane Takushi
Take our work seriously; never take ourselves too seriously.
Jason McGillie
Jenni Clark
Julija Gelazis
Kaitlin (Coleman) Rieck
Kathy Powell
Kattie Capozza
Celebrate individuals, capitalize on our differences, achieve as a team.
Kelly O’Rourke
Kendra Goffredo
Laura Denning
Laura Grealish
Lindsey Stecker
Madeline Carroll
Engage thoughtfully in our communities.
Manwinder Gill
Marcus Scott
Marlene Mills
Mark Reed
Mary Schuld
Michelle Fanfarillo
Do no harm.
Mike Stevens
Mindy Au
Monica Lin-Meyer
Rhea Bevans
Roger Kastner
Scott Perkins
Tekla Hoehn
Timothy Seaman
Tosh Hattori
Todd Vician
Vanessa Dolle
Vicki Walter



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