three-minute postcard: Your People Are Where It’s At. But Do You Have a People Strategy For Them?


Pretty much every organization will tell you that their people are their #1 asset. But they often don’t plan that way. Which means that HR departments are routinely forced to be reactive rather than proactive.

The problem is that while most companies have top-level plans for sales and capitalization, they often don’t have one for their people. This needs to change. An impactful people strategy is the decoder ring that connects the dots between your corporate strategy and your people. It’s a must in world where people are your last competitive frontier.

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PosPart 5: Your people are where it’s at. But do you have a strategy for them? from PeopleFirm


Almost every organization says their people are their No. 1 “asset”. Yet too few plan and act in a way that shows they really mean it. The result: organizations fail to invest in their people, talent processes, and organizations, in a manner that best supports their strategic businesses needs – leaving HR responding to demands and changing priorities without the benefit of an agreed-upon focus. So what’s missing?

  • an aligned view of talent needs
  • a clear employee value proposition
  • a cohesive investment strategy
  • a plan.

In other words, you’re missing a people strategy. And here’s some secrets to a great people strategy:

  1. It’s owned by the executive team
  2. It’s tied to your strategic goals (and custom to your organization)
  3. It addresses all five areas of high performance: strategy, culture, structure, people, & work
  4. It puts your money where your mouth is when it comes to your people.

Basically, an impactful people strategy is the decoder ring that connects the dots between your corporate strategy and your HR strategy.

Tip: Don’t fall into the trap of thinking of your people as your ‘assets’. You don’t own them. You’ve actually just bought some of their time for innovation, creativity, and the production of your goods and services. These days, your prized knowledge worker is a “corporation of one” who’s signed up with you for a “tour of duty” — as long as you offer a good return on their invested time!

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