PeopleFirm Welcomes Aarshin Karande


We’re excited to announce that Aarshin Karande has joined the PeopleFirm tribe! Aarshin will be joining our internal operations team as our Document Production Specialist.

Aarshin’s interest about how beliefs impact society defines his passion to build media experiences for conscious evolution. He brings 10 years of marketing and design experience to PeopleFirm’s internal operations team. Aarshin recently completed his graduate studies at the London School of Economics where he studied media, policy, management, and research methodologies. Before that, he worked in the gaming industry as a designer, researcher, and entrepreneur.

Outside of work, Aarshin is an impassioned foodie, political junkie, and Indian classical musician. His ideal tea party would include the likes of Barack Obama, Albus Dumbledore, Yoda, Larry David, and Uncle Iroh over some Oolong.