PeopleFirm’s Leadership Challenge

Ready to transform your leadership?

PeopleFirm is thrilled to bring you an opportunity to experience The Leadership Challenge®.  Join us this Nov 1-2, 2018 in Portland! (Register by Oct 15 as the 360° assessment will be administered prior to the workshop)

The Leadership Challenge® is a two-day workshop that offers a unique, intensive, and highly-interactive experience. For years, it has served as a catalyst for profound leadership transformation in organizations of all sizes across all industries. Much more than a training event, participants often share how the Leadership Challenge® has truly changed their lives. We have seen it happen time after time, leader after leader. The Leadership Challenge Workshop® is an immensely practical and hands-on experience that will inspire, engage, and help you develop the skills needed to meet whatever leadership challenges lie ahead. This experience provides a very solid footing for the first line manager and deepens the leadership acumen of seasoned veteran leaders.

Highlights of the Workshop Experience:

  • Complete the Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI)® to learn more about your leadership style (administered in the two weeks leading up to the workshop)
  • Identify the frequency of your own personal leadership behaviors across the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership®
  • Clarify and communicate your fundamental values and beliefs, and align your actions with those values
  • Clearly articulate your vision of the future and prepare to inspire others to a common vision
  • Identify opportunities to change, improve, and experiment with innovative ideas
  • Learn to more effectively build collaboration, teamwork, and trust
  • Discover how to better recognize accomplishments and enable others to excel
  • Continue to grow your leadership skills leveraging our key learnings

We would love to have you join us!