Seeking Product Development Manager (Feedback Learning Tools)

PeopleFirm is looking to hire a short-term Product Development Manager to help drive the product-ization of several elements of our consulting IP – first and foremost, related to our latest book on “Feedback” which is being published in June. This is a new role that we’ve decided to bring into PeopleFirm to create greater innovation, new services, and new products from the thought leadership we provide. This person might eventually switch into a role helping to deliver services related to our “Feedback” book – in other words, deliver some of the services and products you helped to innovate. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, let’s focus on what this person needs to do first.

Successfully playing this role means an ability to take action and move tasks forward, to collaborate effectively with others already involved in our team, and to be part of the ideation and creation team related to our service offerings. This role is likely 25% ideation with the balance of the time focused on moving ideas and deliverables forward and collaborating with others. Success in this role means you need to be willing to do all levels of work from strategy through execution, collaborate, and demonstrate a growth mindset. You have to be easy to work with, someone who builds fans in our tribe, and who is sought out as a partner because of your innovative ideas, get’r’done capability, flexibility, approachability, and high EQ.

Work schedule, priorities, and travel schedule will be dynamic, so you should be ultra-flexible and resilient to match. In turn, it’s a great development opportunity to get involved in a very exciting service offering at the very beginning, and watch it grow.

Here’s what we expect this person to do:

  • Project manage the development of new services and products.
  • Build revenue models to assess investments and profitability to drive growth and service expansion.
  • Collaborate with solution owners and authors to ideate and create service and product offerings based on original ideas, research, and intellectual property.
  • Partner with others to project manage and support the branding, speaking events, strategic marketing and event planning associated with PeopleFirm offerings, notably the promotion of the new book. This includes travel planning for key speaking events.
  • Develop and support execution of product / service marketing in partnership with other marketing resources, including support for social media channels, blogs, and our own website.
  • Help manage the efforts to equip PF team members to successfully deliver these new offerings. Collaborate to build the plan to increase capability; implement that plan by managing the delivery of training (and delivering some yourself) and communicating to the tribe.
  • Partner with the solution owners and authors to program manage all delivery of service offerings related to the book. Help manage project financials, assess profitability of delivery, and identify opportunities to improve. Partner with staffing and recruiting teams to ensure we have the ready talent to deliver the offerings.


  • 5-7 years’ experience producing and marketing content and services. If you’ve done this before in a management consulting firm, then you get us. You’ll need to help iterate designs, test and pilot elements and figure out how to make them better the next time (e.g., training sessions, workshops, online learning modules, supporting collateral and promotional materials, etc.)
  • Given that the book being published is about the topic of “feedback” in the workplace, prior experience with this domain as a consultant or from internal roles is very helpful. Plus, our first book was about Performance Management, so experience with that domain would align well. ProTip:  read our first book before you meet us, it can only help.
  • We think that an experienced professional with prior consulting experience is the best fit for our team. And you must have a passion or interest in our disciplines if you don’t have prior experience in our space. We have a preference for someone possessing prior experience with consulting firms specializing in Learning & Development, Change Management, Organizational Development, or Training. Relevant experience in an internal role in one of these areas may also suffice.
  • Excellent organizational skills, stellar project management capabilities, ability to follow through on a wide variety of tasks and to multi-task constantly with a changing set of priorities. In other words, you’ll need to project manage the heck out of all this to make it real.
  • Creative, out-of-the-box thinking, comfort with ideating and creating new and different strategies and approaches, comfort with divergent and convergent design thinking, demonstration of a growth mindset, and an ability to help us recognize when our own thinking is “fixed” and the courage to call us on it. We are not looking for someone with a traditional mindset – just like us.
  • Map to our PF values and culture code elements: help others succeed, delight customers and clients, go the extra mile, and leave things better than when you found them.
  • Effective written and verbal communication skills, an ability and comfort speaking with all levels in an organization. Comfort with receiving feedback; openness to seek feedback and extend it appropriately to others.
  • Strong PowerPoint skills with some design chops to quickly be able to create visually appealing slide decks and other materials. Proficiency with Microsoft Office suite, including Outlook. Experience with Robly, Photoshop, and posting professionally to social media channels is a plus.
  • Bachelor’s degree is required; related advanced degree is a plus.
  • Must be located in Seattle, willing to travel as needed, and be able to flex your work schedule dynamically. Travel is likely more related to delivery of consulting services assuming this role flips to that. This is an exempt role and the baseline expectation is 45 hours per week, with the workload flexing above that when needed.