3 Minute Postcard: Building the HR Supergroup (the ROI of HR)

If you’re in HR and you’re not aiming for quantifiable business impact, you’re missing the boat.  

Sadly, in too many organizations, HR is perceived more as an administrative function focused on policy than as a strategic partner focused on increasing organizational performance. This, despite the fact that studies have long shown that a high-performing HR can drive close to 40% of overall business performance*.

In a world where people are your last competitive frontier, shouldn’t HR be partnering with the business to drive that bottom-line impact?

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* Mallon, David, Shellenback, Karen, Bersin, Josh, Kowske, Brenda. “High-Impact HR: Building Organizational Performance from the Group Up.” Bersin by Deloitte Industry Study. July 2014

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We use people strategy, talent management, organizational performance, and change management, to help you partner with your people to build an organization that excels in today’s new world of work. People are your last competitive frontier. Make them count.

Your people = your success.