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One of our firm beliefs is that we should teach you to fish: in other words, we want to leave you more capable than we come to you. If we work ourselves out of a job, well, we’ve done our job. Our change management training is a direct extension of that vision. Like a change management course for your organization, we’ll educate your internal change talent on modern change methodology, the most effective tools and templates, best practice tips and techniques, and everything else they’ll need to know to effectively manage a change initiative in your own organization.

Let’s take a closer look at our advanced change management workshop…

Many organizations have embraced organizational change management to increase engagement and the adoption of their key initiatives. But even those leading organizations face new challenges: too much change, too many communications, and not enough visibility into the total amount of change across the organization. The majority of large organizations expect the rate of AdvChangeMang_52change to increase over the next two years.1 This means that today’s change professional must be equipped to interface with leaders with diminished attention spans,navigate a crowded portfolio of change, leverage over-taxed influencers, and garner the attention of overwhelmed employees.

Is Advanced Change Management Training Right For Your Team? It is if…

  • Change initiatives sometimes fail to achieve full engagement from key stakeholders and influencers
  • It is difficult to balance the company’s need to introduce new projects with employee pushback on “too much change”
  • Change communications are falling short of intended impact
  • Change practitioners are challenged by navigating around other change initiatives in the organization
  • Project and Portfolio Management are not collaborating with or are in competition with change management


How will you level-up your change capability?AdvChangeMang_143

We’ve compiled a selection of best practices into our Advanced Change Management Workshop. It will give your change practitioners the additional skills they need to build deeper alignment with project and portfolio management, produce repeatable and sustainable change practices, and successfully navigate the complexities of change saturated environments.


Our learning approach:
Since no two organizations are the same, we design a learning experience that is customizable to the level of change capability in your organization. And because learning is not a one-time event, our solution includes reinforcing and measuring mechanisms to further increase the impact for your team.



  • Interview leaders to assess current strengths / areas for improvements
  • Conduct capability survey for change practitioners to validate needs and inform the design of the learning experience
  • Share design with leaders to confirm approach and goals
  • Offer tools and techniques that honor the expertise in the room – building on top of what the learner already knows
  • Deliver greater retention and applicability through hands-on, active learning
  • Develop roadmap for implementing improvements identified in workshop
  • Provide framework for leaders and managers to coach practitioners as they apply their learnings to their work
  • Identify baseline measurements to demonstrate capability growth
  • Manage roadmaps for organizational capability growth and measurement


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