Most employee engagement programs just don’t work. Why? Because despite all the surveys, the hounding, and the effort, nothing ever really changes — and employees feel like their feedback just doesn’t matter. Is there a more effective way than asking local managers to “fix their low engagement scores”? Why yes, there is. We work with you to develop a customized approach that reflects the rhythm of your business, and helps you listen in the places your people are already talking. We analyze their feedback in terms of how to drive high performance in the right way, for today’s world. And we develop flexible action plans firmly rooted in your context – your strategy, culture, structures, talent programs, and work processes.

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Let’s take a closer look…

Many companies are caught in a vicious cycle when it comes to employee engagement. You might know what we mean:

  1. A survey is launched, and employees are hounded
  2. The results come back
  3. An “improvement process” kicks off
  4. Some make excuses or justifications,but few actually embrace the improvements
  5. Nothing significant changes
  6. Most employees wonder why you bother
  7. It’s all forgotten until it’s time to survey again next year

The result? The very act of measuring decreases engagement, because employees perceive that nothing worthwhile changes from their feedback.

What can you do about it?

ACTIVEngagement breaks that vicious cycle.  Here’s how:

  • We build a custom plan with you. No two companies are alike … so why would one engagement survey be right for everyone? Plus some employee segments – especially those closest to your customers – can significantly sway performance. ACTIVEngagement™ customizes your engagement strategy to your unique company and even more unique employee groups.
  • We keep you tuned in. Once a year is not enough; engage-ment isn’t one and done. It’s better to be listening all the time, tuned to the rhythm and notable events of your business. We help you to keep your ears open throughout the year.
  • We listen where people are talking. Surveys alone don’t cut it. ACTIVEngagement™ incorporates multiple channels to keep your ear to the ground – including interviews, focus groups, social media, and surveys. We help you hear more clearly AND start conversations.
  • We provide context for your action plan. If you assess without the full story, you aren’t getting to the real reasons behind employee feedback. We help you understand that feedback in the framework of current business events, and then we work with you to build a strategic action plan. Employees see how these actions align with your overall strategic purpose and objectives – a sure way to drive engagement.
  • You send the right message. Don’t miss the opportunity for further engagement. Henry David Thoreau wrote, “The greatest compliment that was ever paid me was when one asked me what I thought, and attended to my answer”. We believe that tuning-in to your people should be an driver of engagement, not the reverse. Our approach sends two important messages to your teams: “we care about what you have to say”, and “because of your input, we’re getting better all of the time”.

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