the PM reboot (the performance management reboot)

What we generally think of as performance management hasn’t changed since the Mad Men era… but our world of work is nothing like it was in those days. How does that make sense? Our PM Reboot system follows the method outlined in PeopleFirm CEO Tamra Chandler’s book, How Performance Management is Killing Performance – and What to Do About It. We help you to build a truly modern system, personalized to your organization and strategic goals in order to drive organizational performance, reward equitably, and develop your people. And all that without resorting to performance reviews.

Check out the book: How Performance Management is Killing Performance – and What to Do About It.

Do you need help getting started on your own reboot? We have a workshop just for you.

The PM Reboot Jump Start (Half Day)

Picture2An action-packed half-day workshop designed to get your team prepped and ready to move forward towards modern performance management. With exercises to educate and align your team and leaders, you’ll walk out energized and ready to go.

  • Invite as many as you like… 5 or 50.
  • Build a common foundation of understanding on:
    • PM trends and research
    • The Fatal Flaws of traditional performance management
    • The Fundamental Shifts to create a modern, 21st-century solution
    • The Three common goals of great PM
    • Methods and approaches for designing and implementing your custom solution
  • Begin to align your team on:
    • How PM can support your organization’s future and employee experience
    • The PM practices and experiences you’re wanting to leave behind
    • Ideas and concepts that will be important to incorporate in your future
  • Identify next steps to move forward.

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