the performance management sketchbook™

The Performance Management Sketchbook™ is an important tool in the PM Reboot process. It helps you consider how well your current performance management program is working, guides you to identify what’s most important to your future program, and help you get a clear picture of the gaps between the two.

Crowdsource your design.  Despite all the chatter, too few organizations have successfully rebooted their performance management. Why? Because momentum gets stalled when leaders don’t all share a common vision for their future – or even agree they need to reboot their solution in the first place. The PM Sketchbook has both a single user version and a team version to help you and your leaders find alignment, and a path to real results.

Invite as many participants as you want. Have them run the sketchbook to gather their thoughts on design principles and desired direction. We’ll tabulate everyone’s data for you and show you how well aligned everyone is – or isn’t. It’ll put you on your way to the type of rich conversation that drives results.

Try the PM Sketchbook

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Assess your current PM practices. Rate your current program against a selection of performance management best practices.

Step 2: Determine your design principles. Pick and prioritize your design principles for your new PM solution.

Step 3: Analyze the gap. Visualize your current state and your future state in reference to the three most important goals of great performance management: driving organizational performance, developing people, and rewarding equitably. Think of it less as an answer, but a way to start a conversation.