Julija Gelazis

Julija brings 20+ years of consulting and management experience to every problem she encounters. Her passion to get at the heart of the situation and explore creative, meaningful solutions has followed her throughout her career – from leading the marketing team for the largest natural foods distributor on the west coast, to consulting for technology and healthcare companies, to leading brand management and customer experience for a non-profit healthcare organization in Seattle. Julija’s experiences have led her to the conclusion that positive customer experience, and therefore brand perception, starts with an organization’s people and their experience as employees. She is excited to bring her background to bear in delivering employee experiences to PeopleFirm’s clients that are grounded in their organizational values and help their brands sing.


Julija has a BA in Music from Wesleyan University, and an MBA from University of Washington’s Foster School of Business. She loves to sing and plays various instruments amateurishly (ukulele, bagpipes, Javanese gamelan, Lithuanian “kankles”). When she’s not cooking up feasts for friends and family, she and her husband are chasing after their new puppy and/or mollifying the cat.

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