Kendra Goffredo

Kendra’s first consulting gig was on the Indian-Nepalese border where, amid great political and social unrest, she guided a small organization through big change. That was just the beginning. In the decade since, Kendra has designed and delivered strategic solutions in environments ranging from the basement of the Pentagon to a financial institution in Nicaragua, a health center in Ecuador, and a refugee camp in Greece. Through it all, Kendra has developed a keen understanding of the role that corporate culture plays in the success of any organization. She applies that expertise to projects in change management, training and development, and strategic planning. In addition to her professional work, she has donated her consulting expertise to non-profit organizations in the education, cancer research, and humanitarian sectors. She holds a Master’s in International Business from Georgetown University and a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Portland. Kendra is a competitive iron-distance triathlete and recreational volcano climber.

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