Samantha Motta Findlay

Most would describe Sam as a “people person” so shaping the change experience in the workplace is a natural fit. She envisions a world where employees embrace change, rather than bracing for it – especially since rapid change is our new norm. Combining empirically-based change management techniques with a touch of intuition, Sam presses the boundaries to find innovative, elegant solutions for the people impacted by change. Be it a technology upgrade, an acquisition or a leadership change, Sam keenly delivers change techniques with a human-centered approach and a dose of levity. Also experienced in several Executive Coaching methodologies, she has in-the-moment ability to up level sponsors and change agents.

Originally from the Seattle area, Sam has spent the last two decades making Portland her forever home. She graduated from University of Portland, focusing on the intersections between Psychology, Business and Sociology. Then she earned a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Organizational Behavior from Pacific University. This slightly-uncoordinated-but-persistent bicyclist and yogi always has her next travel adventure planned – in the past few years she’s added many stamps to her passport from Australia, Thailand, the Philippines, Portugal and Spain.

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