three-minute postcard: It’s better to be aligned to an OK strategy than to have a great strategy that nobody’s aligned to.

Say, what?

Did you know only 21% of employees are fully productive? The rest aren’t mobilized against the right goals and objectives. In this business environment, ensuring your team is aligned to an understood and compelling direction is vital to building a high-performing organization.

Here’s #2 in our series on building a high-performing organization in today’s challenging business environment: what you need to know to build great strategic alignment, and the top five ways you can know it when you see it.

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Many organizations create great strategies in the privacy of the corner office or corporate boardroom, with little thought or planning about how to get everyone on board and moving in the right direction. The end result? Only two employees out of ten are fully productive – the rest are not totally aligned to the organization’s strategy, or mobilized against the right objectives and goals. In other words, you’re missing strategic alignment. Which leads us to the conclusion that it’s better to have an OK strategy that everyone’s on board with than to have a great strategy that nobody is aligned to. Yup, we said that – great strategic alignment counts for more than you imagine. Want to know what good alignment looks like?

  • you paint a compelling picture
  • your leaders are aligned and committed
  • you communicate with one voice
  • it’s understood – by everyone
  • group and individual goals are aligned

Ok, but how do you get there?

  1. collect perspectives
  2. test perspectives
  3. build alignment
  4. communicate & drive action

We know you want to go a little more in-depth.  And you can! Just click here for the full deck.


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