three-minute postcard: How to make sure your structure is built for good, not evil.


Are you sure your corporate structure is helping you get where you want to go?

Today’s world of work isn’t like it used to be. Strict hierarchies, confusing matrix models, and layers of management are quickly becoming a thing of the past. But what do you do instead? How do you optimize your structure for peak performance?

To build a structure that supports and balances your organization (and your strategic goals), start by considering what good really looks like.

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Strategy aligned? Check. Fed by your culture? Check. Ok then, let’s talk structure. Good structure supports and balances your organization (instead of controlling it). In other words, put your culture and strategy in place, then make sure your structure is the heck out of the way… because a good corporate structure is like your own bone structure: when it’s working right, you shouldn’t notice it.

Let’s take a closer look at what might make your structure good or evil. First, let’s visualize evil (and by ‘evil’ we mean that it obstructs you from achieving your goals and getting things done).

  • evil #1: driven by policy.
  • evil #2: over-engineered
  • evil #3: too many witches, not enough flying monkeys (too many managers)
  • evil #4: too much ‘who’s on first?’ (not enough clarity around roles)

But it’s not all bad news! Want to look at good structure?

  • good #1: supports your strategy.
  • good #2: enables collaboration.
  • good #3: drives autonomy.
  • good #4: creates great jobs
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