Tamra’s Insights: July 2019

In the heat of the American (and French) celebrations in July, we might fail to pause and reflect on what we’re celebrating. Each year, be it the Fourth of July or Quatorze Juillet, we take a day to gather, eat our favorite summer foods, and watch the sky light up in celebration of our independence.  Simply put, every year we honor our own collective sense of autonomy. Let’s make a promise to reflect on the reasons we celebrate and to share a moment of gratitude for our freedoms.

Autonomy: it’s a powerful concept. Not just for countries who sought (or are seeking) freedom from oppression, but also for the organizations we support and lead. And thanks to the wisdom of Daniel Pink, we know that autonomy is a key driver of human motivation, especially when partnered with purpose and mastery.

Oh, and while you’re in a reflective mood, I encourage you to also consider how successful you’ve been at creating a culture of autonomy in your organization.  Take a look at this recent blog by PeopleFirm Culture Lead David Snavely, and see if you recognize any of the common patterns that either support or hinder a culture of trust, growth, and autonomy.  Have you equipped your people and teams with the resources and the freedom they need to do their best work? Have you connected them to your purpose and set them free to see how far they can go?  Have you demonstrated courage and trust to simply set a clear course and get out of their way?

If not, maybe that’s the work we can begin in August, after the celebrations are over!

Be Well,