This isn’t feedback; we’re not here to fix people (achiever’s employee engagement blog)

Listen up, folks: we’re not here to “fix” people. We’re here to help them.

DON’T try to “fix” someone. DO offer feedback as a helpful tool they can use.

Can you imagine swooping into the office where your hapless employee sits huddled in a chair, then announcing, “Never fear. I’m here to FIX you!” If you try to imagine it, I trust it makes you squirm.  Once again, we find ourselves in a place where we have all good intentions and sincerely believe we’re doing what we have been trained to do. We don’t intend to be overbearing, arrogant, or patronizing. But, gosh, when you say it like that (“I’m here to FIX you!”), it sure comes across in an uncomfortable way, doesn’t it?


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