This is all we do. And we do it really, really well.

PeopleFirm was founded with the idea of creating a different kind of consulting firm, one focused exclusively on people and grounded in our collective experience transforming businesses and leading strategic change. We don’t spread our talents thin across many disciplines. We focus on the one thing we’re passionate about: helping you achieve greatness hand in hand with your people.


  • A Single Focus

    The PeopleFirm team develops talent and people strategies, drives organizational performance, and implements sustainable change. We’re HR consultants and people experts.  That’s all. So our entire organization is focused on one thing: your employees.


  • An Engaging Approach

    We design our projects to engage our clients and, when we can, get them out of their seats. Whether in the executive suite or on the shop floor, we build understanding and ensure buy-in and employee engagement.


  • Real World Solutions

    In a field rich with research and poor in execution, PeopleFirm translates leading research and academic thinking on workforce issues, human resource best practices, and business transformation, into actionable business solutions.

  • Results Focused

    We don’t waste time generating large binders that only clutter our clients’ shelves. We believe in accountability and measuring project impact and outcomes. That’s what makes us a trusted business adviser to so many.


  • Effective Tools and Techniques

    We employ the right balance of tools and techniques at the right time. The tools we choose may be cutting edge, like our ChangeAnalytics™ platform or our Performance Management Sketchbook™, or they may be as simple as sticky dots and colored Post-its. Our goal is to keep it simple, make it effective, and have a little fun along the way.

  • Nice (and Smart) People

    Most of our people have worked in traditional consulting firms where talent exists but is too often commoditized. We seek out the best and brightest and create an environment that lets their talent potential thrive. It’s one of the things that gets us voted a Best Place to Work time and time again.


see what our clients are saying

  • “Our results are NIGHT AND DAY different from 2 years ago pre-PeopleFirm.  Our entire Executive team agrees these are the best results we’ve ever seen in our collective careers.

    Hats off to the PeopleFirm team!”



    Michael McSweeney, Senior Managing Director

  • “This quick read highlights real benefits that can follow strong feedback practices while simultaneously helping to remove the stigma associated with giving and receiving feedback — important topics for leaders.”

    Roy Bivens; Author, Experiencing Improvement (The story of continuous improvement at Cleveland Clinic), Managing Partner, Orion Advisory; CEO, Diamond Orthopedic 

  •  “What do successful leaders and organizations have in common? A culture where feedback is welcomed and not feared and trust sits at the center. Feedback (and other Dirty Words) shows you how to get there. Both witty and enlightening! Read this…’ll be entertained as much as you are informed.” 

    Christopher J. Cowan, M.Ed., FABC, Senior Vice President Human Resources at Christiana Care Health System

  • “This is the best book on feedback I’ve ever read! It brings practical, actionable ideas together with an enlightened perspective on work and people – and it does so in a way that embraces the talented, well-intentioned, but struggling reader. I know those struggles as feedback has been focal to my work as a manager, consultant and writer.  I’ve thought about it, taught about it, sought it, avoided it, and given it.  I’ve failed and succeeded often.  Feedback is essential to my life—and yours. Follow this author’s guidance to enrich your relationships at work and deepen your appreciation of those around you”

    Geoff Bellman, Principal Extraordinary Teams Partnership, Best-selling Author and Management Consulting Leader for 40+ years

  • My feedback on this book on feedback is simple:  it is an exceptional book.  It goes beyond feedback as a gift, to opening this gift and offering realistic, useful, and simple tips so that feedback happens.   And, it inspires leaders to make feedback a reality.”

    Dave Ulrich, Rensis Likert Professor, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan, Partner, The RBL Group

  • “Like it or probably not, people don’t grow without feedback. Can you deliver feedback without closing people down? Chandler and Grealish give the tools and methods for making feedback feel good. Feedback (and Other Dirty Words) will not only help you with your next performance conversation, it can transform your company culture to be more agile and enjoyable. “ 

    Marcia Reynolds, Psy.D., past president of the International Coach Federation, author of The Discomfort Zone: How Leaders Turn Difficult Conversations into Breakthroughs

  • “I engaged PeopleFirm to facilitate my leadership team through a design process to integrate several new and critical business capabilities into our IT operating model. From the very beginning they enabled us to engage in a thoughtful and creative way that helped us deeply explore the design ideas surfaced by the team. PeopleFirm balanced decision rigor with a real understanding of our culture. We now have a structured plan of attack that will help us meet our customers’ needs and maintain our company’s competitive edge.”

    Alaska Airlines

    Veresh Sita, Chief Information Officer

  • “PeopleFirm is an incredible partner to the Foundation. They quickly became trusted advisers to me and a critical voice on our project. They pushed for alignment in critical ways, including clarifying our case for change, setting up a user support model, helping align our executive voices, and helping us get buy in at the highest levels of the organization. There were times I would have thrown in the towel, but They were always there rooting for us and challenging us to think differently- and it paid off.”

    Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

    Jennifer Deger, Controller

  • “Vantiv would never have been able to do this with any other firm… I didn’t think of [PeopleFirm] as a consulting group who just came in and left. They were really trying to get you to think differently… [It was] honestly one of the best experiences I have been through… learning, insights, how to think about things differently, different tools, how to couch opinions, how to sell ideas. The experience is just a phenomenal journey that you go on with them.”



    Sarah Pfleghaar, Senior Manager Organizational Development

  • “What a joy it has been to work with you!  We always commented on how it was a breath of fresh air to work with people that are not only very knowledgeable and motivated, but also have great personalities, and make things fun.  That was totally YOU!  I know I’m speaking for everyone here when I say we both really enjoyed working with PeopleFirm.”

    A Little Client Love

  • “As an Executive, I’ve led many significant transformational efforts in a variety of organizations and one of the partners I have come to rely on for thought leadership, data-driven results and practical change management approaches is PeopleFirm. I have worked with them across different projects, organizations and industries, and throughout each engagement, they have been a trusted partner and adviser.”

    A Little Healthcare Client Love

    VP, Health Plan Operations and Strategy



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