PeopleFirm CEO Tamra Chandler will speak at WorkHuman 2017

PeopleFirm CEO and author, M. Tamra Chandler, will be speaking at the upcoming WorkHuman 2017 National Conference.
Using the concepts of her book, How Performance Management is Killing Performance–and What to Do About It, Tamra will share the basic concepts organizations need to update their performance management to address the challenges of today’s workplace.

“Most people are familiar with old-school performance management in the form of their annual performance review. The forms, the hounding emails, the bell curves, the negotiating… all part of an annual ritual that is almost universally dreaded by HR professionals and employees alike. A ritual that, frankly, simply doesn’t work to improve performance or drive engagement. This lack of performance is increasingly disturbing in today’s progressively connected, multi-generational, global, and volatile world.

This begs the question: what should we be doing instead? How can we reform this dated process into something that resonates — and drives organizational performance, develops people, and rewards equitably — in the new world of work and our new way of working?Performance Management Fundamental Shift #4: Abandon Uniformity

CEO and author M. Tamra Chandler will not only answer those questions, she will share with attendees the way in which a modern and rebuilt performance management solution can be a major player in building a healthy and thriving culture, one rich in peer recognition, employee autonomy, and open dialogue. From learning how to welcome more voices to the performance management conversation, to putting the career steering wheel into the hands of your employees, to creating a culture of transparency and openness, and incentivizing collaboration, Chandler will share what the performance management of the future can and should look like. Then through tools, tips, and real-life examples, attendees will learn how to reboot performance management in their organizations – and create a human-centered culture for the 21st century.

In Tamra’s words: “For all our faults, it’s actually good to be human – to ponder the complexities, seek other people’s input, and make thoughtful decisions. If we want to better outcomes, we must move away from designing systems that attempt to eliminate our humanity from the equation and relieve leaders from making tough talent decisions. Simply put, any performance management system without people at its heart is doomed to failure no matter how many times you try and reboot it”.”

When: May 31th, 2017
Time: 11:35 AM
Where: Pheonix, AZ

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